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Linda Kranich, At a Glance

Linda Kranich , a native of St. John, New Brunswick, was inspired to pursue her current career path by a desire to help others personally grow while achieving success. She feels that she has been able to thrive in her chosen capacity due to sheer tenacity and an ability to help others resolve issues and problems to refocus their efforts in a positive direction. Ms. Kranich has served as a consultant in the online marketing industry for the past decade, and for 27 years, she has been refining an ever-emergent skill set. She completed coursework in human resources, as well as adult education and training, and has since remained abreast of trends and developments in her field as a member of the Orillia Chamber of Commerce, the Orillia Business Women’s Association, and Wings and Heroes. Ms. Kranich also supports such worthy causes as Quota International, and she is an avid supporter of the Governor of District 18.

Ms. Kranich and her husband, George, are the proud parents of a son named Shawn. As an enterprising mother and hard-working business woman, she pinpoints her desire and ability to give back to others and make the world a better place by doing so as the traits that separate her from her peers in a competitive world. Prior to her taking on her current role, Ms. Kranich held progressively responsible positions in the Ontario government. She highlights her greatest career achievement, to date, as her completion of her Human Resources Professional Designation, while continuing to work and raise a family. She hopes to leave her mark on others with whom she has come into contact as a kind, dedicated person who always finds the best in others and always encourages positive thinking—as a true humanitarian. If she could have lunch with anyone, Ms Kranich would choose to dine with Ellen DeGeneres, because she enjoys her great sense of humor, and feels that she would be a fun and witty person to learn from and engage with. If she could solve one problem in the world today, Ms. Kranich would choose to eradicate poverty. In the years to come, Ms. Kranich looks forward to retiring, traveling, and launching a book.

In her spare time, Ms. Kranich takes pleasure in watching movies, gardening, exercising, boating, swimming, and engaging in leisure activities with her family. She also enjoys reading Forbes Magazine.

Linda Kranich
Online Marketer, Business Builder,
Hans On Enterprises
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